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Classes February 27, 2012

Coming Soon!

Jenn is currently developing a handful of classes, including:

Meditation and Mindfulness for New and Expectant Parents:
Part practice, part discussion, this is an opportunity to learn some techniques for staying grounded and present to this amazing journey called parenthood. I’m envisioning about an hour, including some meditation and visualization, some basic energy work, breathing techniques, and/or chakra balancing, along with a discussion of what is mindfulness, what ways the group is already practicing mindfulness, and introducing new ways to incorporate the practice of mindfulness into the middle of apparent chaos. Classes will probably be offered weekly, with the possibility to have one adults-only meeting and one meeting where babies are welcome.

Reiki for Parenthood:
As a Mum and a Reiki Master, Reiki is an important tool for me for navigating the challenging times (as well as enhancing the good times). I’m interested in providing Reiki I and II classes that are aimed at busy parents, that teach the core principles of Reiki but also focus on how to use these principles specifically as parents. This would probably be a quarterly offering, either as a one-day workshop on the weekend or possibly something like a 4-week evening course, depending on how best to work into people’s schedules.

Please send Jenn an email if you’re interested in learning more: jennsheridan (at) gmail (dot) com.